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Film: The Politics of Memory

Film: The Politics of Memory

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55 min. DVD and Viewers Guide

By: Patricia E. Deegan PhD

This film, The Politics of Memory, was created for consumers/survivors who are, or who would like to be, leaders in the movement for justice for people with psychiatric disabilities. To be an effective leader, one must know our history in mental health systems. History is a story, but who gets to tell the story and who is silenced? This is the "politics of memory". Pat photographed, researched, wrote and narrated this film. It is a rich visual journey, using hundreds of images and an original sound score. The Politics of Memory challenges conventional accounts of the history of mental health services because that story often ignores the experience, voice and perspective of people receiving services. A closer look reveals that the voice of people diagnosed with mental illness has been tenacious and enduring. This film raises up and celebrates that voice. From first person accounts dating back to 1436, to messages written on the back of old asylum postcards; from initials carved on the walls of seclusion rooms, to pleas for help embroidered onto state hospital sheets; from self-published first-person accounts of asylum injustice, to organized protest -- Pat invites all consumers/survivors/ex-patients to discover, recover and celebrate our collective heritage.

You can watch the entire film online here or on Youtube:

This DVD video set includes a 14-page Viewers Guide with discussion questions.