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Welcome to our Conspiracy of Hope


The Hearing Voices Simulation is a groundbreaking empathy-building exercise that helps individuals, students, and professionals understand the challenges faced by people with psychiatric disabilities.

During the Simulation, participants listen to distressing voices through headphones while completing a series of tasks, such as taking a mental status exam in a mock emergency room. During the debriefing, even veteran mental health workers say that they have gained new insights into the strength and resilience of those of us with psychiatric disabilities.

Participants in a Hearing Voices Simulation workshop each need their own devices for listening independently, through earphones, to the audio recording of distressing voices.

We offer 3 options for this:

  • Purchase Basic MP3 players, pre-loaded with the audio file, from us. We chose these players as an affordable option; unfortunately, this means their quality is not always reliable.
  • Purchase iPod Shuffles, pre-loaded with the audio file, from us. The price is higher for these, and the quality is much better. We’ve had no negative customer feedback about them.
  • Use a free app called “AmpMe” to broadcast the voices audio file to participants’ own phones. This involves collecting participants’ phone numbers and instructing them to download the free app beforehand. We suggest if you choose this option, you purchase 10 MP3 players to have on hand in case some participants don’t have or are unable to use a phone. Instructions for AmpMe are included in the Trainer's Manual.

IMPORTANT: We highly suggest keeping each training within the max count of 40 participants. 

Watch CNN's Anderson Cooper undergo the Simulation. 

Here is a research study on the effects of the Simulation on nurses.