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Hearing Voices: Simulation Toolkit

Hearing Voices: Simulation Toolkit

$ 350.00


USB flash-drive with digital files for:

  • 55-minute video file including:
    • The subjective experience of hearing distressing voices
    • How police, doctors, nurses, EMTs, families, and other first responders can help
    • Coping strategies
  • 45-minute audio file for voices simulation (MP3 format)* 

  • Digital files for:
    • Trainer's Guide
    • Group Exercises
    • Room Set-up Diagrams
    • Handouts
*10 MP3 players, pre-loaded with the voices simulation audio file, are available as an add-on for $100. Buy them here

How it's used

The Hearing Voices Simulation is used by the federal, state and local law enforcement, academic institutions, medical schools, managed cared organizations, and advocacy organizations across the United States. 

Mental Health Organizations – programs use it to train new employees, to foster empathy and increased knowledge of the experience of hearing voices, to help staff learn more about the types and varieties of voice hearing experiences, and to learn more effective ways of helping individuals who hear distressing voices.

Academia  - psychology, social work, nursing, and medical schools use it to introduce the next generation of providers to recovery, and to help students learn more about the experiences of people who hear voices so they are better prepared to enter the workforce, and support people in recovery.

Criminal Justice Systems - court systems, jails/prisons, police departments, parole/probation departments, and first responders use it to increase awareness and empathy for the experiences of people who hear distressing voices, and to learn more effective engagement skills.