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Toolkit: Decision Support

Toolkit: Decision Support

$ 350.00

Decision Support is a respectful and empowering method of providing people with the support and resources they need to participate in making informed decisions about their treatment and recovery.

The Decision Support Toolkit helps doctors, nurses, peer staff, case managers, therapists, direct service workers, and even family members, learn to support people in making informed choices about treatment and recovery.

*This toolkit is sent as a downloadable file via email*


  • Video Tutorials
  • Viewer's Guide
  • Decisional Balance Worksheet 
  • A Guide to Reliable Information Resources
  • Leadership Team Pledge
  • Affirmation Posters
  • Adoption Milestones and Worksheets
  • Option to add access to Library

How it's used

Partners - such as: health plans and managed care organizations; federal, state and county mental health authorities; multi-state, multi-service provider networks and health homes; and peer-run organizations - sponsor its use to increase client engagement and participation in decision making.

Teams - such as: a single provider site or program, a peer-run center, or an academic program - use it to train new employees or students, to run billable groups, or to teach clients how to participate in making informed treatment decisions.

Individuals, their families and friends, and their support networks use it to increase knowledge about effective decision making, to learn to identify choices that lead to recovery and wellness, and to discover personal power in recovery.