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Toolkit: Whole Health Recovery

Toolkit: Whole Health Recovery

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Physical and behavioral health care exist as two distinct service systems.  However, people are not so easily compartmentalized.  Each of us is a unified person, with body, mind, spirit, and community woven into the fabric we call “life.”  What happens to our minds, influences our bodies.  What happens to our bodies, affects our minds.  From a holistic perspective, there is no health without physical and mental health.

The Whole Health Recovery Toolkit helps doctors, nurses, peer staff, case managers, therapists, direct service workers, and even family members, learn to support people’s whole health recovery.


  • Video Tutorials
  • Viewer's Guide
  • Whole Health Personal Medicine Worksheet
  • Whole Health Power Statement Worksheet
  • Trauma Support Cards
  • Harm Reduction Cards
  • Stress Reduction Cards
  • Leadership Team Pledge
  • Affirmation Posters
  • Adoption Milestones and Worksheets

How it's used

Partners - such as: health plans and managed care organizations; federal, state and county mental health authorities; multi-state, multi-service provider networks and health homes; and peer-run organizations - sponsor its use to support client involvement in treatment and whole health recovery.

Teams - such as: a single provider site or program, a peer-run center, or an academic program - use it to train new employees, run billable groups, and to teach clients to identify and care for their physical and behavioral health needs; academia uses it to introduce the next generation of providers to health integration.

Individuals, their families and friends, and their support networks use it to increase knowledge about whole health and recovery, to learn to identify the things they can do to be well, and to discover personal power in recovery.