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Hearing Voices: Basic Preloaded Mp3 Players

Hearing Voices: Basic Preloaded Mp3 Players

$ 10.00

Save time and hassle when getting the audio files to your Hearing Voices Simulation participants. Your order will include the Mp3 player pre-loaded with Pat's audio introduction and the 45-minute voices soundtrack, plus a charger and headphones. Minimum order of 10 kits. 

We strive to make the MP3 players as affordable as possible to ensure the Simulation can be used in the widest range of settings. Please be aware, though, that lower cost means less quality, and occasionally we hear reports of problems with the players. If you’d like to upgrade your MP3 players from the Basic, we offer these higher quality SanDisk Mp3 Player kits.

IMPORTANT: We highly suggest keeping each training within the max count of 40 participants. 

NOTE: MP3 Player kits are a sub-set of the Hearing Voices Simulation Toolkit and is not meant to be used separately from it. MP3s are available for purchase in increments of 10 units for customers who are buying, or have previously bought, the Hearing Voices Simulation Toolkit. We do not sell them singly.