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Welcome to our Conspiracy of Hope

January 24 or 25, 2017

January 24 or 25, 2017

$ 15.00

In the mental health system we are traditionally taught to be suspect of our inner experiences and to look outside ourselves for answers. In this class, Pat Deegan will teach about Personal Medicine, a method to support our peers in discovering the healer within. Personal Medicine can be used in your everyday work with peers. We don’t always have to look to therapists, doctors and case managers for answers. Recovery can happen when we discover the healer within.

Duration: 75 minutes
Instructor: Patricia E. Deegan, PhD
Continuing Education Credits: 1 CEU

Learning Objectives

In this webinar, participants will:

  1. Identify the ways helping our peers is healing for us
  2. Identify ways we are encouraged to distrust our inner wisdom and the healer within
  3. Learn to assist peers in discovering their Personal Medicine

Important Notice about Accessing the Webinar

We use the BlueJeans video conferencing platform to conduct our webinars. Use this link to test whether you have access to BlueJeans.

If you cannot access BlueJeans, you'll need to download (or ask your IT department to download) either the Google Chrome browser or the BlueJeans Application. Both apps are free.